A whole series of skills

The activity of the Wine Trade in the Gironde covers a variety of complementary professions and in this way contributes to promoting wine by providing: technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of various markets, marketing and logistics capacities.


 The wine merchant selects the wines he will sell.  His stringent methods and in-depth knowledge of markets will enable him to satisfy a wide variety of demands from consumers worldwide.  Selecting wines is one of the key roles of the wine merchant.


Maturing wine involves a series of complex procedures, where tradition and modernity are combined to constantly improve qualities expected by the consumer.  Most Bordeaux are blended wines.  Blending consists of expressing in the best possible way the characteristic features of Bordeaux’s numerous terroirs.


Wines are bottled at the wine merchant’s premises or at the estate, and labelled in compliance with the rules and regulations of their final destination. 
Bottling capacity: 650 million bottles.


The Wine Trade must be in a position to constantly satisfy market demands.  For this purpose, it builds up and finances large stocks of wine. 
Stock capacity: 600 million bottles.


 This is the core of the wine merchant’s business: supplying the French market (2/3 of volumes) and export markets; developing more connoisseur markets: Europe and North America, and winning over new markets, such as Asia.
Achieving good sales these days means accompanying each sale:
Prior to the sale: present to the buyer a range of products of consistent and stringent quality. 
During the sale: provide a service adapted to the client, be attentive to market trends, invent new styles of pakcaging, handle logistics and assist distributors in their marketing activities. 
After the sale: ensure replenishment of stocks.


Assistance & recommendations at the wine estate

To handle the management of their supplies, some Wine Trade firms provide assistance directly for their suppliers, concerning vineyard management and winemaking, by appointing their own technical teams at wine estates.

Recommendations for the client

Present the wide variety of wines, the vintages and accompany the buyer in his selection process, in France or on markets worldwide.